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You can mail gifts to: Pregnancy Care Center; 158 Mammoth Rd.; Lowell, MA 01854

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All one-time gifts, and the annualized amounts of all monthly pledges, made from now until Thursday, November 4 will be matched — dollar for dollar — up to $25,000!

Thanks to Our Event Sponsors:

Life Champions

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Chen
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Sheehy

Life Advocates

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Delaney

Life Savers

Cornerstone Commissioning, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Fallavollita
Dr. Kerry & Mr. Peter Pound & Family
Modern Woodmen of America;
Summit Chapter #18188, Rowley, MA

Life Defenders

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Brown
Ms. Marsha Casey
Mr. Michael Cerullo
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Dow
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Follansbee
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Garon
Mr. & Mrs. John Graney
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Grifoni

Ms. Eileen Guerin
& Mr. David Conti
R.C. Lafond Insurance Agency
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Landers
Mr. & Mrs. David McAfee
Ms. Leonora Subrizio
Mr. Benoit Thibeault
Mr. & Mrs. Nick Warne

Life Changers

Abundant Life Church
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Alaimo
All Saints Parish
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Beck
Mr. & Mrs. David Buxbaum
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Guerin

Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union
Mr. & Mrs. David Larson
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Quintal
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Silvey
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Yeaman